18 January, 2015

Nintendo Direct 14 January 2015 (NA, EUR, JP) #4

Now we've reached the fourth and final post for this Nintendo Direct 14 January Presentation.
In this post we will be talking about Amiibo news.

New sets of Amiibos
There will be new sets of Amiibos for Super Smash Bros. and they will arrive soon! Here are some of the releases for this February.

 And the other releases for April.

There will be new sets of Amiibos for Super Mario Bros. as well! As to give you more information on the matter. Each Amiibo can hold a savedata of one game. so for example if you want to use the old Mario Amiibo (that you used in Super Smash Bros.) in Mario Party 10, You'll have to delete Super Smash Bros. savedata that resides in that Amiibo. so! you can buy the new Amiibo for Mario and the other characters to avoid savedata deletion! a nice business movement from Nintendo. 

Mario Party 10 will be bundled with the new Mario Amiibo (Just the Amiibo, not the whole set) so you can save some money by getting both the game and the Amiibo. Also Captain Toad Treasure Tracker will receive a Toad Amiibo bundled with the game.

Nintendo Direct 14 January 2015 (NA, EUR, JP) #3

This is the third post from the Nintendo Direct 14 January 2015 series! In this post we gonna talk about the Wii U games that has been announced!! Just like the previous post, I will list the game for their exclusive regions first then I will list the global releases.

A. Japanese Releases

Rodeo the Sky Soldier
This game will be released on both the 3DS and Wii U. this game is made by the same makers as Sonic and NiGHTs. It has the same gameplay as NiGHTs for the main part and few Sonic touches here and there. It is definitely an interesting game.

B. American Releases

Elliot Quest
This is an eShop game and it seems really interesting. It is a retro platformer style game. It seems to have a good soundtrack too. I'm really curious and looking forward to trying out this game.

This game looks SO beautiful and I can't wait to get it and try it out! It is a puzzle game but I don't know how it works or what are you supposed to be doing. All I know is that it looks pretty and looks very interesting and that it'll be promising and challenging.

C. Global Releases

Wii Games
It has been revealed that Nintendo are working on bringing old Wii games back into the Wii U! now you'll be wondering "The Wii U already has a Wii emulator within it. so what is new?" 
Well to put it as simply as possible...It's for lazy people! Don't get me wrong I'm not against this move. You'll have your favorite Wii game right in Wii U dashboard (The game should be released in the eShop) and yes You'll have to re-buy the Wii game. But I think this is for the fans of the games to enjoy. Few games have been announced globally. Check out the pictures below please.

Mario Party 10
Mario Party 10 is here! The whacky friendly and trolly game is back in our homes to both annoy and entertain us! Mario Party games were always the core of true entertainment and fun between friends and families, Videogamer and non-videogamers alike too! The 10th addition will add a lot of new capabilities like the usage of Amiibos and the Gamepad for different kind of mini-games! 

Kirby & The Rainbow Curse
This game is a follow-up to the previously released "Kirby: Canvas Curse" on the DS. You'll have to use the same techniques which is draw lines and make roads for Kirby to somersault through the stages. The game will use the Amiibo capabilities as well! get your figures ready! 

This game is for those PVP hungry folks  or games like League of Legends. This game seems challenging and fun to play with your friends! You can make your own character, dress them up with different kind of equipments to level up your stats and such. 

Mario Vs. DonkeyKong Tipping Stars
This game has the same graphics and theme of "Mario Vs. DonkeyKong Minis march again" But with this one you'll be able to create your own stages and share it with other players. You will gain stars when you finish from stages. Just like in other Mario games you'll get three stars each stage depending on your gameplay. And you can tip other players those stars you gained for them to create even better and more elaborate stages. It is going to be a fun social game! 
(If you bought the Wii U version you'll get a free code for the full game on the 3DS. And vice versa)

Nintendo Direct 14 January 2015 (NA, EUR, JP) #2

We will discuss the 3DS games that has been announced in this Nintendo direct. The games shall be categorized by their regions. Then those games that'll be released on all regions shall be listed at the end. happy reading and squeeling!

3DS Games

A. Japanese Releases

   Legend of Legacy has been announced for quite awhile now and the game looks absolutely beautiful. The game is a package of great art, music, battle system, characters and story. It is a description fit for great JRPGs and I am sure Legend of Legacy shall be one of those games that everyone will recommend for everyone else who hasn't played it.

   HakoBoy! is a very interesting puzzle game. Combine the dark indie game Limbo with mathematics. That is the feel I got while watching the trailer for the game. I got excited when I read that it'll be available after the Nintendo Direct presentation. In my opinion this game is a must for all indie games lovers who want to have a feel of nostalgia AND mathematics.

   Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is another "Theatrhythm" game from Square-Enix. but now it's for a different series which is Dragon Quest! The retro RPG that a lot of people love and adore. You gonna enjoy hacking through hordes of enemies while listening to your favorite Dragon Quest tune. the game will have songs expanding till the tenth Dragon Quest.

   Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland is a new game for our lovely cute alchemist RPG. The Atelier Rorona series has been on the PlayStation consoles so far. This one is the first one to hit the 3DS with it's SD/Chibi style art. The game is very heartwarming but can be very tedious if you wanna perfect everything! It is a great addition to your RPG collection!

   LEGO City Undercover: The chase begins will finally be released in the Japanese territory. I haven't played the english version myself. But LEGO games have never made me bored, they are always entertaining especially if you played it with a group of people. But this one in particular seem to have a nice story.

   Girls Mode 3 is a new addition to the "Style Savvy" series. I have to be honest about this but I have never played any of these games but they do seem interesting. So I might pick this one up and try it out. From what I've seen in the trailer the game seems to revolve around being a model and getting the best and latest of fashion trends and such.

   Rhythm Heaven is here! a new addition to the series that is! It going to be released sometime this summer (2015) and it'll have around 100 mini games that will test your rhythmatic wits! I miss DDR days so I think this one will replace it! Definitely a great game to add to your collection!

 B. American Releases

   Fossil Fighters: Frontier is finally going to see a 3DS release! This game combines your love for finding jurassic fossils with the Pokemon training experience. You will have to look for fossils and then bring them to life. After that you'll use the Dinosaur that you have found to compete against other players (NPCs or Real players).

   Moon Chronicles Episodes 2, 3 and 4 is a really nice first person shooting game if you are hungry for those kind of games on the 3DS. It is an eShop exclusive game and it looks pretty decent. I bet using the C-stick on the "new" 3DS XL will be loads of fun in this game!

C. European Releases

   Anime Channel isn't a game but it is the only exclusive game/app that will be released on the European 3DS market. It is an Anime channel just like Crunchyroll but you don't have to register. You'll only need to use your Nintendo Network ID. At first the app will have three Animes. Pokemon, Kirby and Inazuma Eleven. If I had a European 3DS I would've enjoyed Inazuma Eleven.

D. Global Releases

 Pokemon Shuffle/ PokeToru
Pokemon Shuffle or PokeToru is a fast paced puzzle game. It combines Pokemon's element and capturing system with a puzzle system. it is very engaging and competitive. It will be free in the Nintendo eShop. In each stage you will have a certain number of moves, that is the engaging part of the game.

 Code Name: STEAM
This look like a very interesting game. it is a mash of Valkyria Chronicles and Dungeon Defenders. You'll have a team sent into a map, You'll have turns just like in tactical RPGs. But unlike Fire Emblem where you have a Player phase and an Enemy phase. There will be one phase and each character will get turns depending on their Speed stat (based on common RPGs. this game might be different). You can use your Fire Emblem amiibos to bring them to life into the game (Marth, Ike, Robin, Lucina). What can beat Abraham Lincoln in a steam world with cannons and such!

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition
Puzzle & Dragon is a very interesting puzzle game. The package will have two games in one, which is the original Puzzle & Dragons game and the Super Mario Bros. edition. The game has been available in the iOS AppStore for awhile. But on the 3DS you'll get to play it with your favorite videogaming character... MARIO!

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX
Hastune Miku will finally see a global release on the 3DS. LOOK AT THE CUTE CHARACTERS!!!!!! ehem! It is a music genre game, where you have to press the corresponding buttons with good timing. I have no idea if the touch screen will play an important part in this but I remember on the PlayStation VITA is played an important rule. if you are into cute chibi characters with Japanese pop music that goes along with emulated voices. then this is the game for you!
(I have provided one picture down bellow because the American and European versions have been announced after the presentation)

Etrian Mystery Dungeon
This is one of the games that I can't wait to get! Etrian Odyssey gets into the Mystery Dungeon genre! I have always loved Etrian Odyssey's art and the RPG-ness is so strong in it. now to see it in a Mystery dungeon form and to actually see the characters is Awesome! Definitely an important game to add into your collection!!
(The Japanese version will be released on the 5th March 2015. While the European version has yet to have a release date)


Gunman Clive 2
I haven't played Gunman Clive but I have been tempted to pick up the game for a long time. To see it grow successfully that it has a second part. I think I will  have to get it too. It is a platformer game with a lot of different kind of action and play styles when you go through the story from the looks of it. I think it is an important game to have for Platform genre lovers.
(It will be released this January for both the NA and EUR eShops)

Iron Fall Invasion
It is a very well made game! It plays in a Third Person Shooter. And it gave out a strong resemblance to Gears of War. it has a really nice graphics too! Let's see how it plays out when it's released!
(It will be released for both of the NA and EUR regions)

SEGA 3D Classics
Sega 3D Classics is a collection of games that will be released on the eShop. They are old SEGA games remade for the nostalgia lovers. But this time you'll be able to play the games in 3D! Can't wait to get my hands on After Burner II. Nintendo will release those games starting from January till March. They will release After Burner II, Fantasy Zone, Out Run and Thunder Blade.
(The games will be out for both NA and EUR regions. as for Japan they have already released them last year)

Story of Seasons
Yes!!!!! Harvest Moon (Bokujou Monogatari) will be remade into a new series and it'll be called Story of Seasons!!! What can I say about this game other than AWESOME!!!! There will be quite few new things added to the series. One of those things is that you'll be able to meet new kinda of animals that were never shown before in Harvest Moon games. I am super excited for this as I have been craving a new Harvest Moon game for quite awhile.
(It will be released on both NA and EUR regions. as the Japanese version has already been released last year)

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
The game that every Nintendo fan have been asking for since the release of the 3DS. It's finally here!!! Let out your happy tears everyone as Nintendo have revamped the game into an even greater game. What can I say besides a great game is going to be an even greater game? oh yea Nintendo will add the C-stick support so you'd be able to control the camera.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
Xenoblade... The best game ever made on the Wii is getting a 3DS release! Now you'll be able to play through one of the best stories ever made in the history of RPGs on the go. This is the second best game that I am looking forward to getting from this Nintendo Direct presentation. I can't do it justice so I will not write about the game because it is definitely a must for every RPG lover. XENOBLADE!!!!!! (It will be the first exclusive game for the "new" 3DS)

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+
 A new Ace Combat will land on the 3DS! This is it's gonna be better and bigger too! It will support a lot of Amiibos too! Definitely a must for Ace Combat and aircrafts fans!
(It will be released in Japan on the 29th January 2015. While the NA and EUR regions will share the same release date)

Fire Emblem (Untitled)
The game that takes my full attention on any Nintendo console. A new Fire Emblem have been announced! YASSS!!!! It is still under development and it will be developed by the same team who made Fire Emblem: Awakening. But this time it'll have an entirely new story. I am so looking forward to the Samurai themed soldiers!!! (According to the Japanese version. It will be released this summer 2015)