18 January, 2015

Nintendo Direct 14 January 2015 (NA, EUR, JP) #3

This is the third post from the Nintendo Direct 14 January 2015 series! In this post we gonna talk about the Wii U games that has been announced!! Just like the previous post, I will list the game for their exclusive regions first then I will list the global releases.

A. Japanese Releases

Rodeo the Sky Soldier
This game will be released on both the 3DS and Wii U. this game is made by the same makers as Sonic and NiGHTs. It has the same gameplay as NiGHTs for the main part and few Sonic touches here and there. It is definitely an interesting game.

B. American Releases

Elliot Quest
This is an eShop game and it seems really interesting. It is a retro platformer style game. It seems to have a good soundtrack too. I'm really curious and looking forward to trying out this game.

This game looks SO beautiful and I can't wait to get it and try it out! It is a puzzle game but I don't know how it works or what are you supposed to be doing. All I know is that it looks pretty and looks very interesting and that it'll be promising and challenging.

C. Global Releases

Wii Games
It has been revealed that Nintendo are working on bringing old Wii games back into the Wii U! now you'll be wondering "The Wii U already has a Wii emulator within it. so what is new?" 
Well to put it as simply as possible...It's for lazy people! Don't get me wrong I'm not against this move. You'll have your favorite Wii game right in Wii U dashboard (The game should be released in the eShop) and yes You'll have to re-buy the Wii game. But I think this is for the fans of the games to enjoy. Few games have been announced globally. Check out the pictures below please.

Mario Party 10
Mario Party 10 is here! The whacky friendly and trolly game is back in our homes to both annoy and entertain us! Mario Party games were always the core of true entertainment and fun between friends and families, Videogamer and non-videogamers alike too! The 10th addition will add a lot of new capabilities like the usage of Amiibos and the Gamepad for different kind of mini-games! 

Kirby & The Rainbow Curse
This game is a follow-up to the previously released "Kirby: Canvas Curse" on the DS. You'll have to use the same techniques which is draw lines and make roads for Kirby to somersault through the stages. The game will use the Amiibo capabilities as well! get your figures ready! 

This game is for those PVP hungry folks  or games like League of Legends. This game seems challenging and fun to play with your friends! You can make your own character, dress them up with different kind of equipments to level up your stats and such. 

Mario Vs. DonkeyKong Tipping Stars
This game has the same graphics and theme of "Mario Vs. DonkeyKong Minis march again" But with this one you'll be able to create your own stages and share it with other players. You will gain stars when you finish from stages. Just like in other Mario games you'll get three stars each stage depending on your gameplay. And you can tip other players those stars you gained for them to create even better and more elaborate stages. It is going to be a fun social game! 
(If you bought the Wii U version you'll get a free code for the full game on the 3DS. And vice versa)