18 January, 2015

Nintendo Direct 14 January 2015 (NA, EUR, JP) #4

Now we've reached the fourth and final post for this Nintendo Direct 14 January Presentation.
In this post we will be talking about Amiibo news.

New sets of Amiibos
There will be new sets of Amiibos for Super Smash Bros. and they will arrive soon! Here are some of the releases for this February.

 And the other releases for April.

There will be new sets of Amiibos for Super Mario Bros. as well! As to give you more information on the matter. Each Amiibo can hold a savedata of one game. so for example if you want to use the old Mario Amiibo (that you used in Super Smash Bros.) in Mario Party 10, You'll have to delete Super Smash Bros. savedata that resides in that Amiibo. so! you can buy the new Amiibo for Mario and the other characters to avoid savedata deletion! a nice business movement from Nintendo. 

Mario Party 10 will be bundled with the new Mario Amiibo (Just the Amiibo, not the whole set) so you can save some money by getting both the game and the Amiibo. Also Captain Toad Treasure Tracker will receive a Toad Amiibo bundled with the game.